Moving into Your Highest Self is about healing the intrapersonal relationship while forming interpersonal bonds. It's about healing collectively alongside your sistren community. It's about speaking candidly about your past, committing to shifting your present, and moving into the future as your fullest self. 

We laugh together, release together, write together, and move together.


Moving into Your Highest Self is a movement-based healing workshop for women. It is a space for women to RECONNECT to our intuitions, RELEASE narratives that no longer serve us, VISUALIZE our Higher Selves through guided meditation, and EMBODY Her through movement and dance.




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I have three core beliefs about healing the feminine spirit:

1) Self-care is self-preservation. When you intentionally make space for your spiritual and mental well-being, you armor yourself with the divine protection and inner-knowing that cannot be penetrated.

2) Self-care should be built into our routine, not "when I have time." And you won't always feel like it, but it will always be needed. And the shadow work matters just as much as the bubble baths and spa days.

3) Healing and self-care should be accessible to everyone. I'm offering this monthly space for you at whatever amount aligns with your energy and where you're at. No judgement, no questions asked.

There are so many stories that live in our bodies. Some of those stories are false narratives that we've been conditioned to believe and have taken the lead for far too long.

And some of those stories are truths that are yearning to be seen and acknowledged. Stories that - once we take ownership of - unleash a power within us that has been dormant for years.

So let's re-meet ourselves.

Join me every FIRST SATURDAY of the month at 12pm EST.

Whatever you feel compelled to give, click on the link to leave your offering and reserve your spot. You'll receive an email from me with the Zoom link as well as tips on how to prepare.

See you on the other side,

-Aila Shai