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An intimate 6-week journey back home to self

Hey Sis,


I’m so glad we crossed paths. You likely came across this program because somewhere along the lines, you have forgotten who you really are.

And your soul is urging you to remember


Well you came to the right place. Welcome home.



I help women who have lost touch with their Higher Selves move through their wounds and write their way back to Her so they can RECONNECT with their intuitions, RELEASE narratives that no longer serve them, and RECLAIM their authentic self unapologetically.


I’m here to help you get back to you.



Returning to Self is an intimate 1-on-1 coaching journey for women who long to return home to who they really are. Over the course of 6 weeks, we will liberate the Wild Woman in you so that you can RECONNECT, REMEMBER, and RECLAIM your Higher Self.

And, most importantly, show up as Her 24/7/365.

I get it.


Along the way, you...

  • Realized you are meant for more, but still kept playing it safe and playing it small because you doubted your ability to become HER.

  • Felt stuck, unfulfilled, and unseen in your relationships by being a people-pleaser and wearing masks throughout the day. Everyday.

  • Wanted to make a drastic change and take risks, but were confused and unsure of yourself and your choices so you stayed comfortable instead.

I get it because I’ve been there.

Once upon a time, I was afraid to show up as my full, colorful self in order to fit into this straight and narrow “Military Officer Wife” identity that I made up in my head. And it had nothing to do with him, but it had everything to do with my own insecurity and fear that I couldn’t measure up. 


I was clocking into a job that seriously underestimated and undervalued my talents, forcing me to dim my light on a daily basis. And I let them.

My creative ideas were constantly on standby, telling myself I would birth them when the timing was right at some point in the future. In actuality, I was just delaying my greatness.



Oh sis… NOW I’m a WILD, powerhouse of a woman. And I have no shame in shining my light.

Why? How?

Because I now know who I am and what I was created to do. I have an intimate relationship with my Higher Self because I know that I AM HER ALREADY.


And when you understand who you are, you can call back and reclaim everything that belongs to you.

Your power.

Your ideas.

Your light.

Your tenacity.

Your resilience.

Your dreams.

Your self.


You have to return to self to reclaim you.

So, what can you expect?

In this course, you will utilize my W.I.L.D. Method to help you:


  • Trust in your intuitive guidance so you can make moves and show up boldly without looking back.

  • Feel confident and seen as your whole self in your romantic, familial, and professional relationships, never again doubting the value and unique blend of flavors you bring to the table.

  • Stay grounded and align all of your decisions with your Higher Self with the inner knowing that She will never lead you astray.

The W.I.L.D. Method

Wound Identification

Introspection & Embodiment

Letting Go

Declaring Self

I’ve created a unique approach to clearing out the wounds that live in our bodies so that we have the capacity to emerge as our full selves.


We need to release and let it go, before we can become and emerge.


Through the W.I.L.D. Method, you will RECONNECT with your intuition through reflective writing, RELEASE narratives that no longer serve you, VISUALIZE your Higher Self with guided meditation, and EMBODY Her through movement and dance.



This is an intimate space for you to get out of your head and into your body.


To get out of your own way, and move through life on your own terms.

Week 1 - Reconnecting with Self | Reconnecting & re-meeting your body

Week 2 - Remembering Self | Naming your wounds & tapping into your story

Week 3 - Releasing Self | Releasing your wounds to clear blockages from your body

Week 4 - Recalling Self | Remembering the power you possess by calling on your past selves

Week 5 - Reclaiming Self | Visualize your Higher Self & re-create your reality (this is the fun part!)

Week 6 - Closing Ceremony: Emerging as Self | BECOME HER & MOVE AS HER.

What you'll gain

A deeper relationship with yourself. One where you release all doubt in your power and trust your intuition to guide you. You’ll show up boldly and unapologetically as you step into the woman you know you were meant to be all along. And once you fully become HER, you allow your light to shine and liberate the Wild Woman that lives within!


What you'll save

More precious time out of your one and only life being a minimized version of yourself. Your dreams have been deferred and your full self has been hidden for far too long at this point.


Why are you hiding from you?

So what do you say, sis?

Are you ready to come back home?

Are you ready to Return to Self?


Book a free consultation and let's get started.

I'll see you on the other side,

- Aila Shai